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Personalised Wedding Ideas

Whether you’re having a wedding planner or planning things yourself, you are guaranteed to play a huge part in the finer details, adding touches that are sentimental and special to you as a couple.

In this months blog I am going to discuss ideas for adding personal touches to your day, from personalised wedding favours and thank you gifts, right through to neckerchiefs for your dog.


Of course there is the classic dressing gown or pjs for the bridesmaid party but there are also so many little touches that can be just as special or work as a great accompaniment.

Some ideas include:

- Embroidered initials or special message hankies

- Personalised T- shirts

- Personalised ribbon or tulle to be sewn inside the bridesmaid dresses

- Personalised make up wipes

Liberty Print Reusable Make-up Wipes
Liberty Print Reusable Make-up Wipes

Embroidered Personalised Message
Embroidered Tulle with Personalised Message


More often than not the groomsmen don’t get involved in the smaller details or in fact think they need anything personalised to them.

However, one of the most common reactions or feedback I receive from clients is that these details or little surprises on the day go down a treat!

Some ideas include:

- Personalised pocket square / tie with embroidered initials or ‘groom’ / ‘best man’

- Initials and date embroidered secretly on the cuff of the grooms shirt, inside their jacket or tucked in the top of their socks.

It is the little things like this, that make the getting ready part of the day that bit more exciting. Personalised items are also perfect for wearing and remembering the special day for many years to come.

Embroidered Initials Pocket Square
Embroidered Initials Pocket Square

'Groom' Embroidered Pocket Square
'Groom' Embroidered Pocket Square

Little Ones

Whether for your children, relatives or your little furry friends, personalised items are a very special addition that everyone will love.

Ideas for this include:

- Personalised ribbon to go inside your flower girl’s dress

- A small pocket square or tie for the page boys

- ‘Daddy it’s time to give Mummy our second name’ sign for your children

- An embroidered bandana for your dog

Personalised Dog Bandanna
Personalised Dog Bandanna

Embroidered Initials Pocket Square
Embroidered Initials Pocket Square

Personalised Napkins

Napkins are a great way of adding a personal touch to your wedding table, whether this is having your initials or whether you choose to personalise each napkin with the initials of each guest. The latter option being a great idea for name places and wedding favours!

Bride & Groom Initials Napkins
Bride & Groom Initials Napkins

Often this idea is very popular but couples don’t want to have every napkin embroidered for large numbers of guests, in this case, personalised napkins for the top table are the perfect option.

'Mother of the Bride' and Date of the Wedding Napkin
'Mother of the Bride' Napkin

There are so many different ways of adding personalised touches to your day. I hope this post has sparked some ideas for you. Please get in contact to discuss any ideas you have or share them below for others to see.

I look forward to hopefully working with you soon, click here to hear more about our embroidery service.

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